A Macaron Manual

– egg whites –

Use them at room temperature, meaning leave the eggs on the counter for at least an hour.

– if desired, almond meal = cake flour –

I know it’s not “traditional”, but I’ve made this exact substitution many times and if anything, the macarons came out fluffier and chewier.

– double sifted dry ingredients –

Sift your almond meal and sugar together twice.

– use a food processor to combine all dry ingredients  –

It grinds them into one perfect mixture. Alternatively, use a coffee grinder.

– for sugar, use powdered or superfine/castor –

– tap the baking sheet –

It gets out air bubbles. It’ll give the cookies their characteristic flat top.

– find a reliable, basic recipe to base flavor variations off of –

Mine is from David Leibovitz and it’s never failed me.