Vegan Chai Ice Cream

“Eighty percent of our eating experience is determined by the nose.”

Certain foods share chemical structures, creating parallel flavors that synchronize into one flavor experience. Sort of like chords on a piano, apparently.

Most Americans equate the word “chai” to what is really masala chaidefined by its base of ginger and cardamom. It may also have cinnamon, star anise, fennel, peppercorn, or cloves.

 Vegan Chai Ice Cream 

4 large bananas (5 if they’re small)
2 chai teabags, about 2 tb chai mix
2 scoops protein powder, unflavored
~1/8 cup almond milk
optional: 3 tb flax seeds

Slice bananas and freeze for about 2-3 hours. Blend banana slices in food processor until smooth, then cut open tea bags and add chai spice mix. Add in protein powder, and blend until combined. If mixture becomes too thick from protein powder, add a splash of almond milk until desired consistency is reached. Freeze for another 1-2 hours, and thaw in fridge for 20-30 minutes before scooping and eating.

Check out this tool developed to help you find unusual (but scientifically validated) food pairings. Some interesting ones I’ve come across:

-ginger with tomato
-carrot and peppermint
-avocado and wasabi