Brownie Waffles

Fall is in the air, and chocolate is in my stomach.

Not from these waffles, because honestly I made them about two weeks ago now. I’m currently full from cookies I nabbed from my dining hall, and all the other wonderful vegan foods I’ve devoured today.

University has the unique capacity to leave me over and under-whelmed. Classes started last week, but that hasn’t even been the biggest time crunch in my life. All the clubs, organizations, people- my life revolves around a schedule.

I missed it so much.

Speaking of vegan food, guess what? I’m living in a vegan co-op! It’s the greatest! I can’t rave about it enough! Vegan food for every dinner! More exclamation points!

Crafts house– check it out!

I’ll rant more on crafty adventures soon enough, but on a more pertinent topic: brownie waffles. Brownies? Good. Waffles? Great. Chocolate in any breakfast item? FAN-TAS-TIC.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again- people love mixing and meshing different flavors and textures. These waffles are the lovechild of breakfast and dessert, but they’re not terribly unhealthy. I would certainly describe them as fudgy– almost denser than a normal waffle, from that wonderful cocoa and coffee undertones. They’re an excuse to get out of bed, for sure. It’s a recipe for a “no-snooze-button” type of morning.

Fudgy Brownie Waffles
(makes 12 small waffles, or 3 Belgium waffles)



Combine dry ingredients in small metal bowl and whisk until combined. In separate bowl, mix wet ingredients on medium speed with electric mixer until combined and smooth. Stir half of wet ingredients into dry, stirring until just combined. Repeat with the rest of the wet mixture.

Preheat waffle iron. Cook waffles for about 5-6 minutes, until tops form light crust and insides are still chewy. Serve immediately for best taste and texture

Alright, while you’re debating whether you should make these (you should) (but really) (I won’t leave these parenthesis until you do) (OK good) I’ve got to read some cognitive psych. You know what’s really interesting? Visual processing- for example prosopagnosia and related Capgras delusion.

And I always like to leave a music recommendation- so lately I’ve been listening to this hella chill band Blouse.

Happy nomming (and studying),


22 responses to “Brownie Waffles

  1. Definitely look seriously fudgy and totally breakfast worthy :)

  2. Who even knew. Vegan brownie waffles. If I could choose one thing for dinner tonight, this would be it.

  3. This recipe is perfect! My brownie-loving, waffle-adoring sister’s birthday is this Saturday. I think I know what I’ll be whipping up for her this weekend. :3

    All the best and happy studying!

  4. you are a genius for making these! they look awesome.
    that’s awesome that you live in a vegan co-op!
    i find it extremely hard to find healthy options in my dining hall, especially VEGAN options!

    • Luckily my schools’ dining halls are SO on top of vegan options- they’ve got an entire food bar of just vegetarian and vegan foods. Not to mention all the fruit… which I definitely don’t hoard in massive quantities.

  5. These look amazing! I’m so jealous that you are living in a vegan co-op! Now I’m really hungry for waffles!

  6. These look SO good – I will be making them for a weekend breakfast very soon. Thanks for posting!

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  8. I wish I had those for breakfast today… ;)

  9. This looks delicious! The photo is so beautiful :)

  10. You go to Tufts? That’s great!! I go to school in massachusetts as well. Glad the weather has settled down a bit. As for those waffles, gosh. That’s awesome that they have a vegan coop there. I finally got my own apartment on campus this year (smith has mostly large house style dorm living and a small amount of 4 person apartments) and I’m so glad to be cooking for myself! I’ve been making all sorts of things I’ve seen on blogs!

    • Oh wow, you go to Smith? That’s so great! I have at least one friend there, and I knew a few other people who nearly went. From what I understand the housing there is beautiful, with tea on Fridays right? Anyways, let me know how your college culinary escapades are shaping up!

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  12. Pinned this recently and made them today for my family. We loved them!! Thanks for the recipe.

  13. Your fudgy brownie waffles look utterly delicious! Tasty waffles! :)
    MMMM! Cool pics too!

  14. what a great recipe! a friend of mine wanted midnight chocolate pancakes, so we used this recipe. we had to omit the espresso powder though. does affect the alkaline levels of the waffles? Thanks so much for making this!

  15. Nice waffles that are not the status quote. Yum :)

  16. Reblogged this on How Vast is the Daffodil? and commented:
    Oh my GOD. Yummers.

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